Dear Colleagues,

EURO-NEURO 2020 had to be cancelled due to the COVID crisis. It was a difficult decision for both the organizing and scientific committee, and it was certainly wise and safe. It is now time for the e-congress EURONEURO 2021. We believe the programme is still exciting. Despite not being physically present, interactivity will be maintained with large periods of time to exchange with experts. Off-line access will also be available to participants, allowing full access to all sessions, a unique opportunity of internet meetings.

We hope you will join us for this outstanding event to stay updated on the last information in clinical neurosciences.

The topics treated in this meeting will be:

   Subarachnoid hemorrhage management

   Ischemic stroke

   Neurological complications of medical diseases

   Insights in Neurosurgery and Neuroanesthesia

   Controversies in Neurocritical Care

   Invasive and non-invasive neuromonitoring

   Pearls in Neurocritical care

   Pearls in Neuroanesthesia

   Prognostication after Cardiac arrest

   Insights in Neuroanesthesia


   Facing the Emergency

   Manipulating Cerebral Perfusion


   Traumatic Brain Injury

   Organ Donation

   Neurophysiology during Anesthesia


We are waiting for you to make this edition a great success !

Scientific & organisational committees EURONEURO 2020